Build Your Home Using Shipping Containers

How to build a home from a shipping container – Informations! How to build a home from a shipping container – container homes are becoming a popular alternative for home builders wanting something different. They are cheap, easy to build and have many eco-accommodating benefits. For many excited architects and builders shipping containers are providing a new form of architecture, where containers can be used as building blocks and structural elements for houses, offices and even cities.

How to build a shipping container home a step by step process

Build a container home

Container houses are built with shipping containers. They are extremely affordable and sufficiently strong to become the framework for a house. Building a sea container home is quite easy. Builders place one or several containers onto a regular foundation, cut windows and doors in the container walls, insulate the modified container appropriately to resist heat and icy, decorate it and voila – a container home turned cutting edge home. The modular structure of shipping containers means that they can be easily attached to each other. This allows architects to create interesting and one of a kind designs. The cost of a 40-feet cargo container is about US$1200. As you can imagine, building a house made from shipping containers is extremely affordable. In general, the cost to build container house is half that of the cost of building a conventional house. Container homes are minimal effort, exceptionally strong, have a fast construction time, easy to modify, and shipping containers are generally available. On the other hand, there is some skepticism with the benefits of these alternative houses. For example, it is argued that the high heat conductivity of steel requires better insulation for such houses in comparison to the usual block or wood houses. Also, there is concern of the health risks that originate from the original flooring of shipping containers, which are usually treated with harmful chemicals. The original flooring of shipping containers is always uprooted before construction begins. Owning your own home is often the pinnacle of one’s achievements. However with increasing costs of home ownership it can be out of reach for many. You might be surprised to learn that there are an increasing number of people looking to utilize these as raw materials for home builds. Shipping containers offer a modular and durable set of building blocks of which to develop your home from. They can be bought either new or used at relatively low cost. One of the key benefits to using a shipping container is that it already comes with walls, floors and a roof!

Learn to build a container home

Learn to build a container home

With the help of architects and designers you can look to combine multiple containers into a single dwelling – through appropriate planning and design, windows doors and fascias are added to make the finished product resemble something more akin to a modern house. Shipping containers are very durable – they are typically constructed from weathering corregated corten steel. You’ll need to look at getting this properly insulated to ensure you stay cool during hot weather and don’t freeze to death during the winter! And don’t be fooled into expecting that you’ll be left with shabby interiors – oh no! Shipping container homes can be fully kitted out with beautiful interiors featuring modern designs resulting in a truly beautiful finish. And of course the basics of standard Plumbing and electrics are also fitted. While most projects of this sort you can plan yourself (with some appropriate help) there are now many organizations that offer turnkey home build services featuring fully kitted and pre-built container homes that can be shipped to your building plot and then assembled. One of the key benefits to this approach is the speed of the build – the benefits of a modular approach (joining shipping cans together) is that the build time is rapid – so rapid in fact its typically done in a fraction of the time that a standard home build would take. Obviously there are some similarities with a standard home build – typically you’ll require foundations to be laid – you’ll need services for plumbing and electricity. There maybe local building regulations that you’ll have to comply with and as is the case with most of us your new home will need financing.
In Summary shipping container homes are certainly an answer to many of the problems associated with home building and offer a environmentally friendly approach to reusing existing materials for a startling alternative function! Though container housing a new concept, the popularity and open interest in them is growing rapidly in many countries. The obvious economic benefits, with the green eco-accommodating practices of recycling and sustainability, create a lot of opportunity for cutting edge architects and builders to create and enhance the container home concept. For more informations about how to build a home from a shipping container click here!

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How to build a home from a shipping container
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